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IPN Headsets launches new headset series

October 2013

IPN Telecom is proud to announce the new wired and wireless headset series which were launched at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair last week. (more…)

IPN Headsets’ brand new product catalogue

September 2013

IPN Telecom greatly values the availability of information regarding its headsets and accessories. Therefore we have created an
IPN Headsets product catalogue and accessory list. (more…)

IPN Headsets attends Hong Kong Electronics Fair

July 2013

Product development is of paramount importance to IPN Telecom. By investing in research and development, the company‚Äôs product range is extended and improved each year. (more…)

IPN Headsets outstrips its competitors

June 2013

Did you know IPN Headsets is a very competitive brand? Not only the price, but also the features make the headsets very attractive for both distributor/reseller and end-user. (more…)

IPN Headsets welcomes new website

May 2013

We are proud to announce the launch of our new website The website contains information about our company and our products under the name IPN Headsets. (more…)

IPN Telecom at the dawn of a new era

April 2013

Being on the threshold of enlargement, IPN Telecom feels this is a great opportunity to change the name of its brand Emotion into IPN Headsets. Now, five years after the launch of the first Emotion headsets, the focus of IPN Telecom has been changed from telephones and headsets to headsets only. The brand name IPN Headsets emphasises the new focus and takes business to another level. (more…)